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The Fox and the Stork

The Fox, though in general more inclined to roguery than wit, had once a strong inclination to play a joke on his neighbor the Stork. He accordingly invited her to dinner in great form. When dinner appeared, the meal consisted entirely of different soups that were served up in broad shallow dishes. Because of her… Read More »The Fox and the Stork

The Sun and the Wind

The Sun and the Wind once had an argument about which of them could persuade a certain traveler to part with his cloak. Wind began the attack and assaulted him with great violence. But the man, wrapping his cloak still closer about him, doubled his efforts to keep it, and went on his way. Next,… Read More »The Sun and the Wind

The Lion and the Gnat

“Go away, contemptible insect!” said a proud Lion one day to a Gnat that was frisking about in the air near his den. The Gnat, enraged at this unprovoked insult, vowed revenge, and immediately darted into the Lion’s ear. After having sufficiently teased him in that quarter, she quitted her station and retired under his… Read More »The Lion and the Gnat

The Magic Cask

The Magic Cask

Once upon a time, there was a man who dug up a big, earthenware cask in his field. So, he took it home with him and told his wife to clean it out.

The Lady of Stavoren

There was once, we are told, a fine tract of land where now roll the waves of the Zuyder Zee. On the very spot where now the fishermen anchor their boats and fish, there stood a beautiful city. It was protected from the sea by great dykes.

Armadillo’s Song

There once lived an armadillo who loved music more than anything else in the world. After every rainfall, the armadillo would drag his shell over to the large pond filled with frogs and he would listen to the big green frogs singing back and forth, back and forth to each other in the most amazing voices.

What We Plant, We Will Eat

Many moons ago, two brothers lived with their father in a small house in Korea.  The younger brother worked hard and was kind to all he met.  The elder, knowing he was to inherit his father’s prosperous rice farm, was arrogant and proud.  He scorned his younger brother and ignored his aging father. 

The Trouts and the Gudgeon

The Trouts and the Gudgeon

A fisherman in the month of May stood angling on the banks of the Thames with an artificial fly. He threw his bait with so much art, that a young Trout was rushing towards it, when she was prevented by her mother

The Miller, His Son and The Donkey

The Miller, His Son and The Donkey

A Miller, accompanied by his young Son, was driving his donkey to market in hopes of finding a purchaser for him. On the road they met a troop of girls, laughing and talking, who exclaimed, “Did you ever see such a pair of fools? To be trudging along the dusty road when they might be riding!